02 Jun

Brainz Magazine – Covid-19 and Me

An insightful article by Hoda ElSobky has been featured in Brainz Magazine, here are some paragraphs from it:

A reflection pop up into my mind since the very first day of the Lockdown. The COVID-19 and me: Everybody should ruminate with that. How was I before and after the hit of the Coronavirus? Am I the same person, or in other words, will I ever be the same person again. We have been sitting at home significant time, and never in our age will we have this chance again, yes a chance! Moreover, never will we be given this opportunity again.

People have been four times more active at home than ever. They have been studying, earning Certificates, working from home, exercising, trying new recipes. They have been meditating, contemplating, reading books, watching documentaries, watching movies. Most importantly, People have sat with their families more than any other time, people have called their parents, who are distanced from them more than any other time.

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We have been messaging friends, interacting with them, we have used all available technology just to be there and to connect with one another. Above all, most elderly were enthusiastic to catch up with the new technology and means of communication, in order to stay connected with their children and grandchildren through zoom meetings, and other virtual platforms. Same exactly we all did to be up to date with remote work requirements, from digital transformation and online Market to presence in the new virtual world, simply we all updated our technical skills; and yes, the Virus proved to be a tough teacher, and we learnt the hard way!

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