11 Sep

Hoda ElSobky’s Article about Reinventing Self Brainz Magazine

Hoda’s Article “Did You Ever Dare to Reinvent Yourself” was featured in Brainz Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Here is my story, I was doing bits of here and there, but never been doing what I exactly love to do. Only when I got clear about my passion, then nothing could have stopped me. “Writing” was my passion, and once I got hold of it, I started reading every single book that fell in my hand, I researched and studied how to write my first book, I went to a writing retreat, and simply – I did the work! And walked its walk, and now I am simply holding in my hands my first book “Dare To Be Happy”. Since then, my life has changed, and everything seems to fall in its right place ever after.

Tips to help you discover yourself and your Passion:

  1. Ask your Parents and your closest old friends about your most dominant character/characters and your talents. What is it that they always saw in you?
  2. Ask yourself what is that thing that when you perform, you lose track of time, and you don’t seem to get tired while doing it. On the contrary, you find yourself full of Energy, Passion and Love.
  3. Try to get more connected with your authentic inner self. Meditation, relaxation, Yoga and Prayers can all help.
  4. Ask yourself direct questions, like what is my passion in life? Or seek the help of a Life Coach.

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