11 Sep

Hoda ElSobky’s Article on Communication in Brainz Magazine

Brainz Magazine featured Hoda’s article related to effective communication. Here is an excerpt from it:

I started to initiate effective communication with people, full of confidence. I started to relate to people and to enjoy quality time with them – even if it is virtual. I even felt at ease and comfortable at leading profound talks with them. From that point, I decided to take my communication skills to the next level. I know I had the foundation, which is the love and passion for connecting with others. Not only that, but I also find it as an opportunity and a pleasure.

My decision was to jump bare feet, and with the Quarantine , the current COVID-19 Circumstances and the new way of doing business, I launched my own YouTube Channel and released the first 15 Episodes of “ The Happiness-Club” over a period of 4 months, and it was a great success. Every week I hosted an International Author whereby we brainstorm about his/her book.

The idea was to get more information, knowledge and insights first hand from the Authors. To best describe it, it was a Thinkers Debate. I ended up hosting 15 different Authors, with 15 different books and 15 different topics. Now I can claim confidently that the Show contributed with beneficial, valuable and profound content to the world of Growth, Self-Development and Happiness.

We talked about Well-Being, Health, Fitness, Self-Discovery, Decluttering of the Mind, Unlearning and relearning, modern Etiquette, and the importance of Culture on both personal and organizational level. All these in an attempt to unleash and discover Happiness as a way of living. To find Happiness at the Workplace, in Leadership and most importantly, to ease the situation during the pandemic in most aspects of life, especially when it comes to modern job-finding.

Read the full article here

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