15 Mar

Hoda’s Article “The Happiness Matrix” in Brainz Magazine

Have you been looking for happiness for most of your life, if not all of it? Have you spent years and years trying to get hold of it but never seem to get it right?… and whenever you seem to get closer to it, you then discover that was not it — that was not a true kind of happiness, nor a consistent, sustainable and eternal one.

Did you try millions of times to pursue your dream home, dream job, jewelry, and even the best lifestyle — just to find out that there are bigger houses than the one you have, better work than the one you do, fancier cars than the one you own, more sparkling pieces of jewelry than the one you invested in, and even bigger families and happier lifestyles than yours?

Eventually, you find out that happiness does not lie there; and that it comes from a totally independent source of all of these!

In all, you are not alone. The quest for happiness has always been an eternal pursuit. People have always been seeking happiness. Over the years, people have pursued it in money, in children, in career, in success, in power, and in attaining worthiness. Everybody does the chase on his own terms. Some may find it, some may not, and some may get hold of it, then lose it through the years.

Very few know about the secret of eternal happiness!

In all, pandemic is not here to stay forever. We face challenges and have our own ups and downs, and that is life! The virus has invited us to rediscover ourselves, to rediscover a limitless, pure, and abiding source of happiness.

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