18 Mar

Passionpreneur Launches Dare to be Happy

Passionpreneur Publishing is proud to announce the global release of “DARE TO BE HAPPY, From Puzzlements To Eternal Happiness” by Hoda Elsobky in print format in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East; and the e-book now has distribution from more than 70 online partners serving readers across the globe.
“Dare to Be Happy is a profound resource. It helps us in a multi-dimensional way to formulate, understand and develop our human skills and reach a stage of complete contentment in life.” Azza EIAshmawy, Secretary-General, National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, Egypt.
People may vary in their dreams and aspirations, but they all share one thing: they all want to be happy. Hoda Elsobky reveals her success strategies which will help you to discover where true happiness lies and how you can make it last forever. In this book, you will find the tools, steps, and actions you need to take to get all the happiness and success that you deserve. It will help you go the extra mile, not only to be happy but to stay happy!
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