Ever Lasting Happiness – Webinar


By: Hoda ElSobky

Your Ultimate Guide to Lasting Happiness. This book provides complete guidance and tested tips to take you from a stage of puzzlement and confusion to a superior level of eternal happiness. It takes you on a journey from the various definitions of happiness across history to the most contemporary descriptions of it in our world. It guides you in a journey through the “Royal Phase” of happiness.


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Ever Lasting Happiness is not impossible. This Webinar carries secrets to happiness that lasts a life time. The author of the book, Dare to be Happy, Hoda Elsobky shares tips and guidelines in this webinar to help her listeners understand how they can improve the quality of their lives and be happy forever. She shares her own journey too. Her story reveals her research work and her inquisitive personality. She strongly believes every individual can find true happiness that stays forever. She also reveals methods of overcoming anxiety and stress.

This webinar will add value to your life and will help you in understanding the truth about a fulfilling life of content. It is one hour long video in which Hoda has been introduced by the host Nousheen Mukhtar. Hoda Elsobky also answers interesting questions at the end of the webinar. These questions explain further different challenges that could prevent happiness. Hoda Elsobky answers them very intelligently to reveal how problems can be overcome to achieve happiness.

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