09 Sep

Stylfemina Women’s Mag Interviews Hoda ElSobky

Hoda gave an interesting interview to Stylfemina author Rabiah M about her journey.

“The key to a successful life is being happy which has become a challenge amidst the current COVID 19 pandemic, but it is achievable if one is correctly guided and informed by experts and a happiness mentor, book author and speaker such as Hoda El Sobky. She was born in Cairo, Egypt and completed her education from the American University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994. She moved to the UAE, 12 years ago and recently penned her book “Dare to Happy” which is an ultimate guide to lasting happiness. As an individual she likes to define herself as an individual who contemplates her nature by questioning a lot through her curious mind. As she explains: “I always ask questions and I am always seeking answers. I like to try new things and learn from every individual and every situation which I encounter during my journey. Taking no as a final answer is something unacceptable for me and I consider everything can be figured out by striving to give ones best.” When asked about her strengths and weaknesses, she points: “It is pivotal to know one’s strength which helps one to make the most of it whereas the weakness will help one work towards improving it. I would say my strength can lie in enduring and as a persistent character. On the other hand, in terms of my weakness, I can claim I worked diligently on many things till they became my strengthening points.”

Read the Full interview here

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